How to Clarify Your Vision and Create Your Dream Life

If nothing was holding you back…
If you were free from the shackles of fear, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs…
If you had infinite resources, money, support, time and energy…
And zero excuses…
What would you do differently? 
Who would you BE, and how would you show up in the world?
How would you feel?  
What would you create? 
How would your life impact others?

Take a moment to check in with yourself. Are you living the life you truly desire? If not, why? 

Now, before you go down the rabbit hole of all the reasons you can’t, aren’t ready to, or aren’t worthy of the life of your dreams…let me stop you.

Because the truth is, there is only one thing stopping you from living the life you desire. And that thing is you.

YOU are your greatest limit. And it’s time for that to change. 

It’s time to put aside the doubt, procrastination, and confusion about who you came here to be. Stop leaving your dreams and desires to chance, quit making excuses, and start taking responsibility for your life. 

You are not meant to shrink yourself or play it small. You are meant for so much more. You, my friend, were wonderfully and beautifully created for purpose. 

It’s time to get out of your own way and become an active participant in your own unfolding, so that you can embody your highest expression and create the life that is meant for you.

I’m not saying it’s easy. It takes courage to claim what you want and step out of your comfort zone. 

But it is worth it.

Your dreams are your birthright, and I believe in your ability to create them. But my believing in you isn’t enough – you have to believe in yourself. 

Your dreams are YOUR responsibility to show up for, take action on, pursue, and believe in. They are what will make you come alive and grow into who you are meant to be.

You deserve to wake up every day and know in your heart that you are living a life of love, joy, fulfillment, and purpose. 

And my wish – the only thing I ask of you – is that you turn towards your dreams. Start believing in your power and take action to bring them into existence. 

Are you ready? 
The song that you’ve been holding back
Is the cause of your heartache.
Don’t wait!
You’ve got to sing your song as if
your whole life depends on it.

– Michael Beckwith

The Importance of Your Dreams and Vision

Simply wishing for success to come into your life isn’t enough. The world’s most successful people have a clear vision that keeps them focused on what truly matters

A clear personal vision paints a picture of your desired future. It is aligned with your heart’s deepest dreams, values, and priorities – what you believe in and what you want to become or create. 

Your vision inspires and motivates you, and provides a clear sense of direction. Think of your vision as a compass – a lighthouse – showing you the way and guiding you towards what is meant for you. Your vision reminds you that any current challenge is temporary, and there is always something greater ahead. 

It’s important to note here that your vision is not the same as your goals. Goals are a means to an end – milestones created to help you move towards your visions and achieve your dreams. 

Your vision will support you in living a happy and successful life on your terms, aligned to your values, purpose, and soul. By living in alignment with your vision, you will make a more positive impact on the world, utilizing your talents, gifts and strengths to contribute to something greater than yourself, and inspiring others to do the same. 

What’s Stopping You From Living Your Dream Life? 

There are many reasons you may be blocking or resisting your dream life. Here are some of the ways you may be holding yourself back from the dreams that are meant for you: 

  • Your ‘why’ isn’t strong enough. 
  • You limit what you claim for yourself because you are thinking about what is realistic or “possible”, rather than what you truly desire. 
  • You feel lost, confused, or stuck. You lack direction and don’t know where to start in order to connect your dreams to your reality. 
  • You have too many excuses – you don’t have the money or time, don’t know how, are too young/old, etc. 
  • You aren’t taking action or holding yourself accountable. 
  • You fear failure. 
  • You care too much about what other people think. 
  • You procrastinate or spend too much time researching. 
  • You’re comfortable where you are.

Too many people spend their entire lives coming up with reasons and excuses for why they can’t live the life of their dreams. But the truth is, there is no deadline, no age at which you’re “supposed” to make it happen. There are no rules or requirements. And you have everything you need, right now, to make your dreams a reality. 

Do not spend another day wishing you had done it. Stop asking yourself, “What if it doesn’t work out?” 

Because what if it DOES? What if what’s meant for you happens, and all you had to do was turn towards it and start walking? 

Avoid the Comparison Trap 

Comparison is truly the thief of joy, and even worse, it robs you of your heart's true expression. 

In today’s world, we are constantly comparing ourselves to what other people are doing, achieving, and creating. Social media often paints an image of perfection, and it’s easy to think that if only we could be in that person’s shoes, we would be happy. 

Measuring the self against others can, in some ways, be helpful. If it motivates you to take healthy, inspired action in your own life, great. The problem comes when comparison leaves you feeling inferior, unworthy, or depressed. Furthermore, comparing your life to someone else’s may cause you to define your dreams and goals off of their version of success, which might not actually match up to your own. 

Because guess what? There is only one you. No one else has your exact DNA, thoughts, experiences, passions, beliefs, and aspirations. NO ONE has your exact dream and purpose. So it’s imperative that you stop looking at or longing for someone else’s path. It’s time to step onto your own path – the one uniquely perfect for you and no one else. 

How to Clarify Your Vision and Create Your Dream Life

Let’s break down the process of manifesting your dream life, and then we’ll discuss each phase in detail.

  1. Get crystal clear on what you desire – your heart centered vision. 
  2. Begin to release what is not in alignment with your dream life. 
  3. Take inspired action.
  4. Live in gratitude. 


Step 1: Get Crystal Clear on What You Desire

If you knew you could be, do, and have anything you desire, what would that look like? What do you truly want for your life? What would be so magical, if you could just make it happen?

This is the first step to creating the life of your dreams. Before you can manifest, you need to get crystal clear on what you want. 

It can be scary to admit what you really want – to be radically honest with yourself. But you will never live your dream life if you can’t even claim what your heart and soul truly long for. 

Throughout this practice, be honest with yourself. Have fun crafting this vision and don’t limit yourself to things that seem practical or reasonable. Use your imagination and allow yourself the freedom to dream big. There is no right or wrong way to do this. The only limits are the ones you place on yourself. What you focus on expands, so make sure you focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. Your attention has power, and that power can create serious change in your life. 

And remember – the manifestation of your happiness benefits more than just you. When you celebrate your divine nature and live your heart centered vision, it creates a positive ripple effect that benefits others and the world at large. 

How to Clarify Your Vision 

Let’s start with a practice for gaining clarity on what your dream life looks like.

Before you begin, take a moment to create a supportive and calming space. Get comfy, light some incense or candles, play uplifting or relaxing music, grab your journal, and make sure you’ll have this time undisturbed.

Now close your eyes. Take five deep breaths, and allow your body to relax and release any tension.

Envision your ideal life, three years from now. Think about what you desire in all areas of your life: health, relationships, career, spirituality, creativity, personal growth…

Imagine yourself waking up in your dream home. 
Where are you living? What do your surroundings look like? 
How do you start your day? What does your daily routine look like?
What do you do for fun? What are your hobbies, passions, and interests? 
Who are the people around you?
What is your dream career? 
What is your income level? How are you using your money? 
Do you travel? Where?
How do you look? How do you care for and support your body?
How do you feel?
What impact are you making on the world around you?

Craft a crystal clear vision of what your life looks like, and write down everything you saw in this vision. No judgments. No holding back. 

Complete your written vision with this statement: 

I declare with absolute certainty that I am worthy of this, and I am completely open to receiving it.

Along with writing this out in your journal, consider writing or taking photos of it on your phone so that you can read it daily. 

It can be incredibly supportive through this process to also consider (and journal on) how your dream life will have a positive impact on others. Consider the following questions: 

  • How can you use this experience to help others?
  • How does your vision help you be of more service to the world?
  • Who will be blessed along the way?
  • What is the best possible outcome for everyone involved?

After your initial visualization, continue to hold your vision, be patient, and have unwavering faith until your dream manifests. Consider a daily meditation to support you in anchoring into the energy of your dream life. 

A note on fear and doubt: Read through your vision and take note on what feelings, thoughts, and beliefs arise. Often, when a big vision or goal is set, a little voice in your head will rear up and say you can’t have it. It’s not realistic, you don’t deserve it, or it’s not possible. Notice these thoughts. This voice wants to keep you safe, but safety is not freedom. True happiness does not live in your comfort zone. 

Yes, there will be challenges. There will be moments of doubt and fear. But know that you can overcome anything you set your mind to. 


Step 2: Begin to Release What is Not in Alignment With Your Dream Life

At this stage, you may become aware of things that are not in alignment with your highest vision. It could be situations, limiting beliefs, practices, thoughts, habits, a job, or even relationships. 

Take some time to journal on what you want to release moving forward. What you truly want cannot come into your life if there isn’t space for it. So begin to recognize what you need to let go of so that you can more fully embody the life you desire. 

By releasing what no longer serves, you can begin to call in what is in alignment with your dream life: new experiences, your dream career, more supportive relationships, inspiring beliefs, positive thoughts, and so much more. 

Consider practicing a releasing ritual or meditation to support you in letting go.


Step 3: Take Inspired Action 

In order to bring your dreams and desires into reality, you have to play your part in co-creating them through aligned and inspired action.

Taking inspired action means showing up fully to meet your vision. What actions can you take today, and this month, that will align you with your dreams and desires? 

Make a list of all the things you can do right now and commit to actually taking these steps. 

If you aren’t sure where to start, listen to your intuition. Set your intentions – what you want to manifest – and follow any intuitive hits that show up along the way. 

Remember, there are no coincidences. Any time you hear about or witness something that aligns with your vision, know that the Universe is sending you an opportunity. Look for signs and synchronicities showing you that yes, you are on the right track

Journal on the following questions at the beginning of each month to clarify what you’d like to do, create, and experience over the next 30 days:

  • What do I feel called to do this month? 
  • What do I feel called to create this month?
  • How do these actions align with my vision? 
  • What do I need to commit to each week to achieve my goals? 
  • What do I need to commit to every day to achieve my goals? 
  • How motivated am I to take inspired action towards these goals? 

Daily: On a daily basis, write out your top 3 goals and any inspired action steps you can take today, in alignment with those goals. 


Step 4: Live in Gratitude 

Gratitude goes hand in hand with manifestation, and it is one of the most powerful practices you can utilize when creating your dream life. 

Gratitude is helpful for manifestation because it creates a state of inner abundance. We attract what we ARE – our state of vibration. When you’re tuned into the frequency of joy, abundance, and gratitude, you will attract more of it. 

Gratitude isn’t about pretending to be happy. True gratitude is a powerful vibration of happiness and appreciation in the NOW. It is a grounding, calming, high-frequency emotion that centers you in the feeling of contentment. When you genuinely feel gratitude for the things in your life, you resonate on a higher level, which raises your energetic vibration and brings you into alignment with your desires.

Doing this consistently, through meditation, visualization, or a gratitude journal, will help you shift your reality and draw your desired future into your life. Rather than vibrating at a frequency of lack or waiting, you are vibrating at a frequency of already having it. You become an energetic match to your dream life, and the Universe will see that it comes. 

“Gratitude has been something that has changed everything for me. 
You can’t be manifesting the life of your dreams and not be grateful for the things you currently have. It can be quite emotional when you live with an attitude of gratitude. You stop taking for granted the beautiful things you have in your life and you open up the space required to attract more.”
– Kathleen Cameron

A simple way to practice gratitude is with a gratitude journal. Every day, write down three to five things you are thankful for. As you write them, focus on why you are grateful, and spend some time really sitting with the feelings that come up.

You can also use a gratitude reframe to shift your mindset when a challenging situation arises: 

  • Stuck in traffic? → I’m grateful for my car, roads, the ability to drive…
  • Feeling sick? → I’m grateful for my body’s ability to heal itself, medicine, a doctor, tea, nourishing food, relaxation, sleep…
  • Work related stress?  → I’m grateful to have a job, a sense of purpose, a way to give back, financial resources…

Finally, a gratitude meditation or visualization can be a powerful way to anchor the energy and frequency of gratitude for the rest of your day. 


From this day forward, give yourself permission to claim what you want and live in alignment with your highest expression. 

By clarifying your vision, releasing what is no longer serving you, taking inspired action, and living in gratitude, you can manifest everything you desire. 

You are the artist of your life, and you have the power to create your reality. 

Congratulations on creating the life of your dreams!