Hailey Hunter

Hailey and I met while competing against each other on ABC's Holey Moley earlier this year. She was exactly as I imagined she would be in person. Beautiful, confident, and genuinely an all around good person which is a tough combination to find. It was fun getting to know her better in such a unique environment. 

You might know Hailey from her career with the LPGA as a content producer and host but here's a little more about her you might not know...

Tell us about your golf background.

I started playing golf when I was 9 years old in Muskegon Michigan where I’m from and grew up playing with my twin brother Reed who ended up turning pro a couple of years ago as well. We traveled around the country together competing in tournaments. My high school team won all four back-to-back state titles, I was captain of my Division 1 golf team at Ohio University, and I turned pro when I graduated in 2017. 

Why do you love golf?

I love golf because everything is on you. Whether you play well or you don’t or if you make a mistake out on the course, it’s completely your responsibility and the game has  really taught me to be independent, accountable, patient, and positive with my mindset. 

We finally met in person competing on ABC’s Holey Moley, what was that experience like for you? Are you glad you did it?

Ahhh yes that was so fun! I’m glad I did it. While the behind the scenes aspect was tiring and the days were long, it was fun to compete and see how such a big production works especially because I work in the same field. 

What’s your greatest achievement in golf?

I qualified and competed in the U.S. Women’s Amateur in 2015 against the top amateur players in the world. That was pretty neat. 

You’ve had a successful competitive golf career. What’s your goal in the media/broadcasting world?

My goal is to work my way up to being a credible and renowned broadcaster for a top network covering golf or hockey. I played golf my entire life and grew up around hockey my whole life so I am very passionate about both sports. 

What has helped you most improve your golf game?

Having a positive mindset is what has helped me improve the most. Knowing that there are things you can’t control out there is important when trying to manage the course and play your best. 

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about starting golf or is new to the game?

My best advice would be to get a couple of beginner lessons first so you have the basic fundamentals down and can build off of those. Golf is not something you can pick up right away without a lesson, and many people especially women get discouraged when they are thrown into the fire without any previous instruction to work with. 

If you could only play one course for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

There are so many amazing golf courses out there but I would choose the Muskegon Country Club where I grew up playing. That place is home to me. 

Who is in your dream foursome and why?

Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretsky, my twin brother Reed Hrynewich, and I would be my dream group. I grew up playing with Reed and two of our sports idols would be both Tiger and Wayne.

You have a large IG following, what is something your followers don't know about you that you wish they did?

I think sometimes when people see accounts with large followings they sometimes assume their life is perfect or easy. I’ve worked really hard to get to where I am in my career and I am always grinding. I appreciate everyone who follows me who is genuinely supportive and interested in my career goals. 

Who or what inspires you most in life?

My twin brother Reed really inspires me. Ever since we were little he has been the most motivated person I know and I wouldn’t be the driven successful person I strive to be every day if it weren’t for him. 

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